Well Engineering and Drilling Management

Our well Engineering process is aimed to effectively construct and complete a well in the most effective and safest possible way, with the goal to ensure integrity for the entire lifecycle of the well

All well engineering, well integrity and execution is done in accordance with local regulatory requirements and the Newell standards. Deviation from  the standards, shall always go through our rigorous Management of Change procedure. 

Documentation is a key part of the Newell engineering process. The structure contains a number of different types of documents grouped into categories as described below:

The D&C well construction workflow provides a decision-based, frontend loaded process that is divided into five logical phases. Key aspects of the workflow are governance and assurance.  Each phase in the well construction workflow is divided into activities, each of which has a number of tasks with clear deliverables. Outputs which are identified as being integrity or EHS critical are highlighted and are approved at the appropriate level.