Well Engineering and Drilling Management

By applying lifetime experience from the oilfield and a structured approach,  Newell  delivers  high quality well engineering and drilling supervision to the oil & gas  and geothermal market. 

We offer support to our clients in all phases of the lifecycle of a well, from initial engineering work through to construction, integrity monitoring, repair, intervention and final de-commissioning.

We consistently apply high quality standards in the following key areas:

- Well Construction & Engineering

- HSE Management

- Well integrity and risk assessment

- Campaign planning and well design assurance

- Operations supervision

- Reporting and communications

- Setting targets and monitoring performance

Our Services

Well Engineering 

Newell delivers your well engineering, maximising value through robust planning, extensive risk evaluation and solid quality assurance processes.

Our  well engineering is executed through the Newell gated engineering process, consisting of the following five phases; feasibility, concept development, detailed design, implementation and execution. At the end of each phase a gate review, is performed before progression to the next phase. 

In order to warrant the integrity of our Engineering Process, Newell has agreements with Well Management companies who will be present for engineering phase reviews as Independent Industry experts. 

Our focus on well integrity and maximising the well life cycle, will help to raise the standard, reduce the risks, and optimise both the well engineering as well as the drilling process. This is realised by our experienced staff throughout all the phases of the Engineering Process.

For the Geothermal Market the same robust processes are followed with extensive attention to some of the key challenging areas such as corrosion, waste-water production and completion & ESP design.

Our network within the Dutch Oil and Gas industry allows Newell to bring together additional experts to meet the client’s demands, such as Geologists, Drilling Engineers, HSE Engineers, and Supervisors for the Drilling, Completion and Well Testing phases. 

We have agreements in place, with a multitude of industry professionals. By building a specific project team from our database of professionals we can provide all the high quality services required from the wellhead down to the reservoir.

Well Operations Management 

Our team offers independent, expert advice and solutions from experienced energy professionals. 

Our experienced project team will provide our clients with effective operations management with the potential to improve both efficiency and customer service value simultaneously.

During all well related activities the Newell office based team will have daily morning meetings with the Newell well site supervisors and relevant service partners representatives. The team will ensure flawless execution of the well specific programs. All intermediate changes to the program will be subject to a rigourous MOC process including a full risk assessment.

We provide people dedicated to delivery of the highest quality service. We can provide an operator with independent well site supervision or in-house project/well engineers.-house   

Through our exensive network and in house expertise we can respond in a flexible manner to all client requirements.